Technology Hisense Enhances EURO 2024 Experience with 'Beyond Glory' Murals Campaign and State-of-the-Art TVs
Hisense Enhances EURO 2024 Experience with 'Beyond Glory' Murals Campaign and State-of-the-Art TVs

Hisense Kicks Off 'Beyond Glory' Campaign for UEFA EURO 2024

Hisense, a prominent player in the global home appliance and consumer electronics market, has launched the 'Beyond Glory' Murals Campaign. This initiative was created in celebration of the company’s role as both an official partner of UEFA EURO 2024 and as the official tournament VAR screen provider. By introducing this campaign, Hisense aims to enhance the football viewing experience for fans around the world and make EURO 2024 moments truly unforgettable.

Elevating Football with Cutting-Edge Technology

The heart of Hisense's campaign lies in its state-of-the-art ULED Mini LED TV. With features like 144Hz Game Mode Pro and AI Sports Mode, this advanced television promises remarkable picture quality and stellar performance. These attributes are designed to fully immerse viewers in the action, allowing them to catch every critical play and moment in unparalleled clarity. The goal is simple: to ensure fans don’t just watch EURO 2024 but experience it in a way that feels as close to being on the field as possible.

Putting Picture Quality in the Spotlight

Putting Picture Quality in the Spotlight

Hisense’s emphasis on providing exceptional audio-visual experiences is underscored by their impressive market standings. From 2022 to the first quarter of 2024, Hisense has climbed the ranks to become the second-largest contributor to global TV shipments. Even more impressively, the company held the number one position in 100-inch TV shipments during the first quarter of 2024, boasting a 56% market share. These achievements speak volumes about their dedication to quality and innovation in the TV market.

Strengthening Presence in Europe

Notably, Hisense has also seen robust sales in key European markets such as Germany, Italy, and the UK. This rising success reflects their growing influence and the increasing trust consumers place in the Hisense brand. By being a prominent name in these competitive markets, Hisense continues to solidify its position as a leading provider of top-tier home appliances and electronics.

Exciting Campaign Highlights

Exciting Campaign Highlights

The 'Beyond Glory' Murals Campaign is more than just a celebration of technology; it’s a celebration of football legends. Hisense has unveiled Ambassador Murals featuring renowned goalkeepers Iker Casillas and Manuel Neuer. These murals are designed to capture the spirit and dedication of these legends, while also inspiring fans to connect with the beautiful game on a deeper level.

Additionally, Hisense has gone beyond murals to engage fans in interactive ways. They have launched a social competition titled the Scavenger Hunt Murals. This on-ground competition invites fans to participate in discovering these stunning murals scattered across various locations, adding an element of adventure and community engagement to the campaign.

Beyond Glory Tour Roadshow

Another standout element of the campaign is the 'Hisense Beyond Glory Tour' roadshow. This engaging tour is set to visit five of the EURO 2024 host cities, providing fans with a unique opportunity to involve themselves interactively. Attendees will have the chance to test their goalkeeping skills, an activity that pays homage to the legends featured in the murals. It’s not just about physical engagement; the roadshow will also showcase Hisense’s innovative TV products and home appliances, allowing fans to explore firsthand the technology that aims to enhance their EURO 2024 viewing experience.

Continued Partnership with UEFA

Continued Partnership with UEFA

This marks the third consecutive UEFA European Championship that Hisense has been a part of, which further solidifies their role as a significant partner in the world of football. This ongoing collaboration highlights the brand’s dedication to the sport and its fans, ensuring that viewers across the globe get an unmatched viewing experience during one of football’s most prestigious events.

As the countdown to UEFA EURO 2024 begins, Hisense is poised to make this tournament unforgettable. Through their cutting-edge technology, innovative campaigns, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Hisense continues to champion the cause of bringing fans closer to the game they love.

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