Sports Turkey vs Georgia: Comprehensive Preview, Predictions and Lineups for Euro 2024 Qualifier
Turkey vs Georgia: Comprehensive Preview, Predictions and Lineups for Euro 2024 Qualifier

Turkey vs Georgia: A Detailed Preview for Euro 2024 Qualifier

The stage is set as Turkey gears up to commence their Euro 2024 campaign with a riveting match against Georgia in Group F. The showdown will take place at Dortmund’s iconic Signal Iduna Park on Tuesday, June 18. With the match kick-off scheduled for 17:00 BST (12:00 ET / 09:00 PT), fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an intriguing encounter, refereed by Argentina's Facundo Tello, with Spaniard Alejandro Jose Hernandez Hernandez overseeing the VAR.

Historical Context

Turkey's last encounter with Georgia dates back to May 24, 2012, where they emerged victorious with a 3-1 scoreline in an international friendly. While historical data might favor Turkey, every new match poses its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for both squads.

Turkey’s Form and Lineup

Coached by a tactician who values youth and energy, Turkey’s National Team will step onto the field imbued with young attacking vigor. Key players to watch include Arda Guler and Kenan Yildiz, who are anticipated to leave their mark on the game. The projected lineup for Turkey sees Gunok guarding the goalpost, with a defensive quartet made up of Ayhan, Demiral, Bardakci, and Kadioglu. The midfield likely comprises stalwarts Calhanoglu and Ozcan, while the attacking force featuring Guler, Yildiz, and Akturkoglu will provide ammunition to striker Yilmaz. Turkey's squad is poised with a mix of youthful dynamism and experienced heads that offers a balanced yet formidable formation.

Georgia’s Strategy and Predicted Lineup

Georgia, under the guidance of coach Willy Sagnol, enters the match without their first-choice goalkeeper Giorgi Loria, who will be sitting out due to suspension. However, this doesn't faze the team’s spirit. Mamardashvili is likely to step in as the goalkeeper, with Kverkveliya, Kashia, and Dvali forming the defensive backbone. The midfield will be a crucial zone, featuring Kakabadze, Kochorashvili, Kiteishvili (who might start despite injury concerns), Chakvetadze, and Shengelia. Up front, the attacking duties fall to Mikautadze and Kvaratskhelia. Despite the absences, Georgia is expected to put up a resilient fight, banking on strategic counterattacks to keep Turkey on their toes.

Match Predictions

Turkey's rich attacking talent and robust midfield control position them as favorites for the match. The pundits lean towards a 2-1 victory for Turkey, although Georgia's prowess in counterattacking poses a legitimate threat. The combination of offensive force from Turkey and Georgia’s tactical defense is expected to produce a tightly contested game.

Key Players to Watch

From Turkey, keep an eye on Arda Guler's skilled playmaking and Kenan Yildiz's sharp attacking instincts. Their roles will be vital in breaking through Georgia's defense. Meanwhile, for Georgia, Kvaratskhelia’s agility and Mikautadze's ability to capitalize on counterattacking opportunities will be key factors in their gameplay.

The Coaches' Perspectives

The Turkish coach emphasizes a balance between youth and experience, fostering an environment where emerging talents can shine while learning from veterans. On the other hand, Georgia’s Willy Sagnol is known for his strategic depth, often deploying counterattacks and relying on well-coordinated midfield play to disrupt the opposition. Both coaches bring differing philosophies and tactics to what will surely be a tactical battle on the pitch.

Fan Expectations

Football is a sport deeply cherished by both countries, and fans from Turkey and Georgia are expected to bring vibrant energy to the stadium. With Turkey's fans constituting one of the most passionate groups in European football, their vocal support will create an electric atmosphere, adding pressure and motivation for their team. Georgia’s supporters, known for their unwavering loyalty, will undoubtedly do their part to spur their team on, regardless of being fewer in number.


As both teams set their sights on a victorious start to the Euro 2024 campaign, one can anticipate an engaging contest marked by tactical masterstrokes, thrilling play, and extraordinary individual performances. As Turkey and Georgia square off, the drama and excitement synonymous with high-stakes football will surely be on full display. The result may hinge on not only technical skills and strategies but also the grit and determination each team showcases on the field.

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