Monthly township research supplier

This year’s Monthly Township Insights research started in the 01 April 2019 ending March 2020. This represents really good value for money for your organisation because:

  • 16 new focus groups will be conducted monthly in various township across 4 key metros (Gauteng, Cape Town, KZN and Limpopo). 
  • A total of 192 focus groups would have been conducted and 1,920 respondents would have participated in the township studies by March 2020.
  • 12 topics have been identified following a robust engagement with clients and industry experts on gaps that exist in new qualitative insights about the main market living in the townships, LSM 4-10. 
  • These 12 research topics will result in 12 qualitative research reports sent to your company on the first Monday of every month starting from 6 May 2019 – 6 April 2020. 
  • Only one topic per month will be tackled and will carry its own unique discussion guide to yield new leading-edge information.
  • Subscription is R38,000 PM x 12 months ex vat.


If this market falls within your target market for 2019/2020, send email to for more details.